Community theater can only survive with the help of its many volunteers. Volunteer opportunities include:

Actors - Usually involves a cold read audition, rehearsals 3 to 4 nights a week, and 2 weekends of productions. Actors are often required to supply their own costumes.
Directors- Must be 21 years or older. Directors are TAC board approved. This a large job including and not limited to budgeting, blocking, casting, set designing, promoting, painting and cleaning.
Director's Assistant - Assisting the direct with rehearsals, prompting actors with their lines, taking notes, running small sessions with director's approval
Producer - Supervising a production (Concentrating on promotions, programs, tickets, contracts, volunteers, and where needs arise in a production)
Box Office - Using the square app to sell tickets and helping patrons (Simple training required)
Ushers - Take tickets, give programs, provide directions for guests, and clean up after the production.
Building Sets - Construction of set pieces and props. (Basic skills needed.)
Painting Sets - Painting backdrops and set walls and pieces. This involves all levels of talent, whether you can only use a paint roller, or you are an artist.
Prop/Backstage Management - working with the director to keep behind the scene organized. This includes organizing and moving props, cueing actors and helping with effects.
Concessions - Selling popcorn, soda, candy etc. to guests. (Basic math skills needed)
Lighting - Using the light board during rehearsals and productions (training required)
Sound - Using the sound board during rehearsals and productions. (training required)
Costumes - Assembling and sewing costumes
Hair - Working with the actors to make sure their hair is styled for performances
Makeup - Applying stage makeup to actors for performances
Maintenance - Small jobs that help keep the theater running (Cleaning, changing lights, decorating...etc)

** As volunteer positions are required they will be made avaiable here. **

For more information on volunteer positions, feel free to contact us.

Tipton Arts Council is a nonprofit organization. Students who need volunteer hours are encouraged to volunteer for hours with the TAC.