Auditions for "Narnia: The Musical"

Tipton Arts Council- The Ruffin Theater

Auditions for Narnia the Musical

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Please read all audition info and requirements before registering at 

Download the full audition Packet at


Music by Thomas Tierney & Lyrics by Ted Drachman


 Directed by Crista Wilhite


Performs at The Ruffin Theater December 5th-15th, 2019. Holdover Dates December 19th & 20th

The first and most famous story of The Chronicles of Narnia has become a musical presentation of this unique, enchanted world filled with creatures and spirits of myth and fable, both good and evil, demonic and transcendent. The principal inhabitants, however, are the intelligent talking animals ruled by the majestic King Aslan, the great lion of Narnia. Though Aslan is often absent from the land (so that his very existence is doubted by some), he returns when the need for him is greatest. And entering Narnia at a moment of high adventure are some children—plucked from our world in unexpected ways to help Narnia and to learn from their Narnia odyssey lessons of courage, unselfishness and wisdom that will help them grow. Narnia wants to sing, and from the excitement of the opening song, "Aslan's on the Move," to the joy of "Narnia (You Can't Imagine)," your spirits will soar with all those in Narnia.



Thursday, September 12th at 7 PM ‐ 9 PM: Individual vocal auditions and cold readings begin.

Friday, September 13th at 7 PM ‐ 9 PM: Group readings

Saturday, September 14th at 1 PM – 4 PM: Callbacks, if necessary.

**You may be asked to sing, dance, and/or read at callback auditions.


VIDEO AUDITIONS: While we would prefer to hear you audition in person, we welcome video auditions for those unable to attend regularly scheduled auditions. To audition by video, your video must be shot from knees up and you must fulfill all other audition requirements, from the number and length of songs to the requested paperwork. Video Auditions can be sent to and must be received by Midnight, September 12th, 2019. You may send a link to an online video or videos or the videos themselves if the files are small enough. All required paperwork must also be submitted by the deadline. (Links must be shareable with other members of the audition panel.)


Prepare for Auditions:


o Auditionees should prepare two pieces of music- one up-tempo song, one ballad- [about 90 seconds in length] that demonstrates vocal range. If your selection is longer than what has been requested, we may need to stop you mid‐song in order to stay on track with appointments.

o Your vocal selections should include at least one song from a musical.  

o If you are auditioning for a specific character, please keep that character’s vocal range in mind when choosing a song.

o As we have no accompanist, please prepare accompaniment tracks of about 90 seconds in length in MP3 format on the device of your choosing so long as it is Bluetooth compatible. (If possible, we recommend the free program Audacity to prepare your tracks. It can be found at A Bluetooth interface will be provided for your device. Please have it cued and ready when you are called in. No CDs or tapes, please. No singing a cappella.



Auditionees will be assigned scenes from the script and scene partners. You will have time to read over the scene with your partner(s) and prepare together. When ready, auditionees will line up and wait to perform their scene for the auditioners. Depending on time constraints, you may be asked to read multiple scenes or with multiple partners.




o Audition Registration (Everyone is welcome, but all auditions are by appointment only.):

Please schedule your audition for both days  at  [If you are unable to click to follow this link, please copy and paste it into your web browser.]

Walk-ins will not be allowed. All audition forms will be provided onsite if needed. You must have all paperwork completed before you are called.

No auditionees will be allowed to stay and watch other auditions on Thursday. Once your audition is done, you will be expected to leave the premises. NO EXCEPTIONS.

PLEASE NOTE, to better manage audition registration, slots are opened in increments. If your preferred time slot is full, please check back later and there may be more available options. – If you have checked registration several times and the day is totally booked each time, it may be that we have registered all the auditionees we can see that day. – If you want to confirm this with the audition facilitator (see contact info below), please do so, only after having checked back a few times.

Please be sure the person listed in the “Name” section of the audition form is the name of the person who will be auditioning.

Registering multiple people? – Depending on the device you are using, the system may or may not let you register more than one name with the same email address. If you wish to register multiple people under the same email address and the system won’t allow you to do so, list the first & last name of each person in “comment” section of the registration page.

On the day of your audition, please arrive about 15 minutes prior to your vocal appointment, so that we may process your paperwork. Enter through the side doors by the parking lot.

o All auditionees should fill out an audition form in advance and bring it to auditions, paper clipped to headshot and performance resume. You may download an audition form at

o Current performance resume and headshot (a good photo from the shoulders up) are required for all auditionees. If you do not have a performance resume or headshot, don’t worry! You can download and complete a generic form at A photo will be taken of you at the audition.

o Callback Auditions, (if deemed necessary), **You may be asked to sing, dance, and/or read at callback auditions:

Cold reading assignments will be given out at callback auditions. (Every effort will be made to provide all possible callback sides to auditionees by noon of the callback date.)

Auditionees should also be prepared to sing any and all music from their initial vocal call, in case they are asked to repeat a certain selection(s) at the callback auditions. Please bring any appropriate music tracks.

Auditionees may be asked to dance at callbacks. The choreographer may need to see if you fit her idea of what is required for a specific role.

o Roles Available: Please see the character list below.

o The Ruffin Theater is a community theatre and all performers and crew are volunteers.

o Audition Location: The Ruffin Theater, 113 West Pleasant, Covington, TN 38019 (Note: Location subject to change. You will be notified of any changes before the audition.)


Rehearsal Info:

Regular rehearsals will be 3-6 days a week, starting September 20th. After November 23rd, rehearsals may go to 7 days a week depending on progress (NO REHEARSALS NOVEMBER 27TH – DECEMBER 1ST FOR THANKSGIVING). Weekday call times may begin as early as 6:30 PM and end as late at 10 PM. (Tech rehearsals may end as late at 11 PM.) Weekend times may vary. Actors will only be called for rehearsals for which they are needed. Only actors with no or very limited conflicts will be considered for roles in this production. Actors who do not have reliable & consistent transportation should not audition for this show. For the good of the show and fairness to all production volunteers and staff we ask that you not add conflicts to your schedule once you have committed to a Ruffin Theater production. If you are cast in The Rocky Horror Show and are unable to keep your rehearsal and performance commitments, The Ruffin Theater reserves the right to replace you.


Performance Info:

Evening and weekend performances will run December 5th-15th, 2019, with possible holdover dates of December 19th and 20th. Evening performances run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, curtain is at 7 PM. For Sunday matinees, curtain is at 2 PM. Call time is at least one hour before curtain; cast members are expected to arrive promptly to each and every performance call.


If the information and links above do not answer all of your questions, please contact Tim Brown at or 901‐355‐2589.





Non‐specified roles will be cast without regard to race, gender, or age. We would like a diverse and energetic cast with all shapes, sizes, colors and ages.


Principal Roles:

All age ranges listed below are ideal character ages and need not be the actual age of the performer

Aslan – the Great Lion of Narnia (ages 40+)

White Witch – the evil queen of Narnia (ages 25-50)

Peter Pevensie – an English boy (ages 13-18)

Susan Pevensie – Peter’s sister (ages 12-17)

Edmund Pevensie – their younger brother (ages 10-15)

Lucy Pevensie – their younger sister (ages 9-14)

Professor Digory Kirke – the children’s uncle (ages 40+)

Father Christmas – Santa Clause (ages 40+)

Mrs. Macready – the Professor’s housekeeper (ages 40+)

Mrs. Beaver – cockney Narnia animal (ages 40+)

Mr. Beaver – cockney Narnia animal (ages 40+)

Dwarf - one of the witch’s minions (ages 25-50)

Tumnus – a Narnia faun (ages 20-40)

Fenris Ulf – head of the Witch’s secret police (ages 20-50)

White Stag – harbinger of luck and portent of chance in Narnia (ages 16-40)*

*Note that the White Stag is a non-speaking dancer role, specifically ballet and acrobatics an asset


At least five various other Narnia Creatures – ensemble members